Leading by guidance not arrogance.

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Cycling

All too often we find ourselves in a situation that we could show the way forward for someone but instead of doing that we feel the need to show off instead and by demonstrating how good you are at something the person receiving the arrogance is scared away or just doesn’t trust you. 

How does this happen you might be wondering? 

Well many people don’t see themselves as leaders and do not see that they are somehow supporting others with questions that they might have, and by doing this they could possibly be giving up on the possibilities of being a leader. It could be due to a fear and it could also be due to something they have been told before. 

For example: you don’t know what you are doing so why do you even try? 

On the other hand some teachers feel the need to float thier own boat by making sure that they show off their skills at every opportunity possible, this causes a large rift in what potentially could be learned in these type of situations. 

For example: I demonstrate at every hockey training with my group how to hit a hockey ball. Sometimes I find myself missing the ball and this immediately shifts into a mode of “I am only human” I am allowed to miss the ball sometimes. What I have realized is every time I miss the ball it is actually life’s way of telling me not to show off. 

Without showing off I know that things come naturally and because I have trained to hit the ball and I have practiced how to play the game I do not have to show off.

There is always a time where all the training and practice will be forgotten because in the end I am only human but that’s not an excuse to show off it is just a good enough reason to work harder and remain humble with the gifts and lessons I have received along the way! 

In closing this is a very good lesson for me to pay attention to so that I do not find myself losing the respect of my students but it’s also a good lesson because I am not always aware of when I might be supporting someone with their own lessons. 

To be humble in defeat is more of an achievement than to be arrogant when you win! 


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the rock

Why Fomo? (Fear of Missing Out)

Simply put it’s a feeling of emptiness, not being invited for a ride with your mates or for a beer with your work colleagues can all add up to that alone feeling where nothing you do or so it seems can change the situation you find yourself in.

You start questioning yourself and why you are in that position and why you aren’t good enough.

I also ask myself; Why was i good enough before but not now?

Was it something I said or did the last time or since?

The absolute worst part of this feeling is seeing a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram about that amazing event that you weren’t at just makes you even more angry.

The questions I strive to ask myself the next time something along these lines happens to me are the following:

Am I supposed to be doing something more important?

Why am I letting what other people do affect how I feel?

Can I make myself available for events like these in the future?

Have I made a person feel comfortable when involving them in my plans?

So instead of complaining and wondering why I am left out, I intend to invite people for my events, make sure that people feel like they are a part of my life and also make definite arrangements instead of “ya lets do that” and then nothing…

Today is an amazing day filled with loads of opportunities to be great why not make it great for someone else, Smile at a stranger, help someone across the road, give way in the traffic and slow yourself down.

Forget about FOMO and give yourself the opportunity to participate because in the end it is only up to you.

and as in the Picture above:

Success isn’t always about greatness; it’s about consistency.

Consistent hard work gains success, Greatness will come!


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Wherever you are in your life there are always lingering doubts in your own mind that hinder you to be less than confident in certain circumstances.

For me my doubts revolved around my writing and its ability to captivate the reader which is you, this started last year when I finished the Cape Epic and as you can see this is also my first blog post since the 29th march 2014. this doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing it just means that I took a bit of a break from blogging to find out for myself what this blog was actually for.

I can go on all day about what has happened to me in the last year but I wont, I would however like to take you on a journey that has captured my attention and has supported me to find a love that I never thought possible.

11th March 2014


Hey wait a minute I was good at hockey when I was at school, lets do this!!

So my journey as a coach has officially started.

What did I expect? yes I expected 15 young hockey players that knew what they were doing to arrive at training and then start to do dribbling drills, running work and shooting at goals like I remember doing when I played… HOW WRONG WAS I!!!

I got given the Grade 4 hockey girls. The thought was scary in itself seeing as I am quite a performance orientated person and not knowing if these girls could even stop a ball when hit at them, let alone run in a straight line scared me to my wits end. Then came the actual control of these girls, they never stop talking and asking questions.

I am sitting here chuckling at myself thinking WOW! I was a mess that first training, I hadn’t prepared a session at all so I went in there blindly wanting to do a few drills that involved running around cones with the ball on their stick however this wasn’t to be. instead what I got was a bunch of girls like hungry pack hounds when they saw the ball and all they wanted to do was swing their sticks at this object and hopefully make a connection, which was exactly how it went for the first ten minutes until I had finally sorted out a register of sorts and got them all to sit down.

This chaos ensued for the rest of the session where I eventually sat down and breathed a sigh of relief while their parents dragged them off kicking and screaming because they didn’t want to go home.

As it turned out I wasn’t scared away I was hooked! I wanted to mold them into young superstars and nothing was going to stand in my way…

I bashed heads with these girls to the point where I had a completely silent training with them a few weeks into our hockey season. I got so cross with their chatter and “know it all” attitude that I literally threw a few balls into the middle of the field and sat down. turns out I was the one with the “know it all” attitude and in the end these girls have taught me a few valuable lessons.

1. They are young, they are playing hockey because their moms and dads want them to.

2. The only way I was ever going to get through to them was by playing the sport with them and showing them how much I love hockey

3. While they are out on the field running around with a smile on their face there is no reason to stop them from carrying on.

4. Setting boundaries is more difficult when I myself do not prepare.

5. Grade 4 girls are just like any other girl they do have mood swings and they do have social problems, trying to ignore them will just make them worse :-)

6. I Love coaching! I have found this journey to be extremely fulfilling as I can see growth in myself every time I arrive for training.

7. Without a few wake up calls and a solid support structure I would never have been able to arrive at this point of loving sports again so passionately!

8. Meeting new people is always fun no matter how old or how young they are.

I also learnt that if I am able to make an impact in someones life no matter how small an impact it is that ripple effect can be seen for years after. For me this ripple effect is two fold:

I have been trusted enough to coach a completely different sport at the school and one that I have never played competitively, this is also a huge challenge but I am definitely up for it.

All of the parents that had their girls in my team last year want me to coach the same team again this year.

These two things alone motivate me to do my best so that in turn I can learn from these girls in order to grow as a person.

To finish off my blog post I would like to direct you to an amazing blog by a very special person who will definitely benefit your life just like she has done mine!


and lastly a Quote that I came up with a few moments ago:

If all of the trees in the world were to bow down in your honor, which one would give you shade?

It has been a week of ups and downs physically and emotionally, all of the hills we have climbed and all of the downhills we have enjoyed have tested us in ways we can only see if we are paying attention.

Each one of us wouldn’t be here right now unless we didn’t make choices in our past to be exactly here at exactly this moment.

A few weeks ago I couldn’t climb up a step ladder to change a light bulb so I took on my fears with the help of an amazing friend and today instead of being scared stiff going over the countless bridges that we rode over today I found myself smiling and flowing over the bridges like they weren’t even there all while appreciating the views more and more!

I think that today was one of the best days many people will ever have on a bike riding around the hills of Elgin the tracks were phenomenal and felt effortless at times.

Daniel rode like a champ today got stronger as the kilometers ticked past and tomorrow we start in our highest start batch of the epic.

Tomorrow being the last day is extremely bittersweet mainly because something I have wanted for quite a few years is within my grasp and yet I find it hard to believe that this time last week I was sitting in a hotel room not knowing much about my team mate and also not knowing what to expect out of the epic. Just as quickly as it started it is now almost over, the race that is not the friendships that we have gained or the experiences we have had!

In closing think about this: you have made choices in the past that have you in your exact situation for exactly the right reasons! Embrace the lesson and learn from it!

See you all in lourensford! Goodnight!

I spoke about weather conditions earlier in the week and don’t get me wrong but we really have had 4 seasons in this epic.

Today started out as the second coldest morning next to the rainy day we had earlier in the week and true to the weather forecasts it turned into the hottest day of the epic and for many people the hottest day they have ever and will probably spend riding their bikes!

The stage was set to be brutal either way with 3000m of vertical ascent over 115km but never did I expect to use over 5litres of liquids in my bottles. It almost felt like they were being drained out the bottom as soon as I put them into my bottle cages.

Today I have to once again thank Peptosport and peptopro because once again the products delivered in every aspect that is promised and not only kept me hydrated but always made sure I never suffered from exhaustion due to spikes in energy!

Dan rode like a champ today slow start but a steady finish and even though his Swiss skin is not used to the hectic South African sun he is not badly sunburnt for me however it’s a different story I have my tan back darker than ever as well as the raccoon tan and the helmet strap tan!

We are in to fight for another day yet tomorrow won’t be a fight it will be a fun fast and flowing day with a few stings every now and then.

Tomorrow we talk about the Singletrack and the smiles on our faces

Yep you read it right today was quite an “easy” day in terms of epic days. The reason for this is that the trails flowed and ended up being a whole load of fun to ride so the kilos were eaten up by fast district roads no head wind and a pretty awesome finish.

Even though the stage was “easy” it took the most prisoners and was unfortunately the end of the road for 4 time winner Karl Platt as well as Cherise Stander. Another rider to fall victim to the stage was Alain Prost the formula 1 world champ from a few years back.

With that in mind I have to look back and reflect as to what every one of us has been through to get here.

The rain, the mud and the wind will mark the first three days and last night sitting in the dining hall I was one very battered rider thinking how the hell I would be finishing on Sunday.

Today however will be marked by the spectacular views that we had, Breathtaking! Mindblowing! Absolutely phenomenal are only some words to explain the awesome splendor that we have on our doorstep here in South Africa.

It makes me wonder how so many people go on holiday in other countries and yet don’t ever get to see the country that they live in.

Today proved though that Daniel is a fighter and I know he didn’t fly from Switzerland to go back without a finishers medal!

Tomorrow is one of the longer stages which is 115km with almost 3000m of climbing it is going to be a long day in the saddle for all of us but I trust that we will see you tomorrow evening with another amazing day in the saddle behind us!

Today was the longest day of this years epic in kilometers yet it was probably one of the shortest in time if it was a clear windless day…

It started off fast with gusts of wind pummeling us from every angle and every corner we rode around it felt like we were greeted with another head wind.

Needless to say tonight I am writing with muscle pain in every inch of my body that I have not felt since Argus 2008 when we were pretty much blown out to sea, the added pushing of Dan didn’t help my pain but the reward of a chocolate milkshake at the end was worth every single pedal stroke.

Tomorrow is 88km but as we have all learnt by now lets just take it on like a 100km stage and get past that finishline!

A little thought to leave you with: a Big blade will make you famous but a small blade brings out true character!

Today was the longest day of this years epic in kilometers yet it was probably one of the shortest in time if it was a clear windless day…

It started off fast with gusts of wind pummeling us from every angle and every corner we rode around it felt like we were greeted with another head wind.

Needless to say tonight I am writing with muscle pain in every inch of my body that I have not felt since Argus 2008 when we were pretty much blown out to sea, the added pushing of Dan didn’t help my pain but the reward of a chocolate milkshake at the end was worth every single pedal stroke.

Tomorrow is 88km but as we have all learnt by now lets just take it on like a 100km stage and get past that finishline!

A little thought to leave you with: a Big blade will make you famous but a small blade brings out true character!

Stage 2 hell on wheels!!

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Cycling, Epic, Racing, Training

Today was one of those days that not only separates the men from the boys but also shows ones true character in the strangest of ways.

It’s all to easy for me to rock up at a race be done in 4/5 hours recover and be done with it but for others it takes a special kind of VASBYT to be out there for longer than that sometimes double that.

Today I had to vasbyt, not because of the rain or the mud but because of the immense cold at the start of the ride. We stood in the rain and wind for 50minutes while waiting for our group to start and I am sure my lips were royal blue by the time we started.

The mud bath ensued and I found myself running out of brake pads completely to the point where I took my rear brake pads out and left them on the road. The last 60km of the race was a daunting affair and I can only pray that I never have to go through an ordeal like that again.

Daniel on the other hand got stronger as he soldiered on showing me that he has for it in him to make sure that we roll into lourensford come Sunday with smiles on our faces.

Tomorrow is a very long day for us all and I am looking forward to being welcomed by greyton.

Till tomorrow. Keep it flowing!

Today was technically a cross country riders dream, steep downhills and super steep up hills what made this one hell of a ride was the extra distance added to the stage due it brides being washed away and a few minor hassles with the route in the final prep stages.

Daniel and I started off very conservatively and found ourselves just off the pace of rox and warren for most of the day. That was until I lost Dan 😲 I crested a hill and didn’t see that he had passed me so we lost a good 30 minutes looking for each other.

This turned out to be a bit of a bummer but alright because we were comfortably ahead of cut off times.

This was one of the heaviest rides I have ever experienced on my brakes. My rotors are burnt blue which makes them look cool but are not necessarily good for stopping. Thank goodness I packed a spare set!

I am quite tired and am about to hit the sack so after tomorrow’s “easier” day I am going to be giving a bit more insight as to what my days look like out here, in short it’s breathtaking but will leave it there.

Sleep well everyone I know I will!